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quinta-feira, novembro 8

O centro do coração...

Essa é uma das minhas preferidas músicas do Roxette...
A música, o clipe, enfim... tudo!

The Centre of the Heart

What am I gonna do when I get a little excited
A little in pain, tell me
What am I gonna say when I find the centre of my
Is a suburb to the brain

You wear them so well
Those innocent eyes
You're putting on a wonderful disguise
I want you so bad
I'm pushing my luck
It feels like being hit by a truck
This is no place special
Don't know why I came
If someone has a minute won't you explain


Being with you
Dealing with fire
Oh, won't you come around
Come out (today) and play
I want you so bad
Answer my calls
Let's spend the night within these walls
This is no place special
Nothing for the sane
If someone's got a minute
Do please explain


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